Most of  victims are still suffering  , but no justice for them , even  when they  migrate  to punjab, there  is  no  any  rehabilitation for them , they  are  still suffering in own  Punjab

The  incident

On November 1, 1984, large mobs largely formed by hooligans loyal to the ruling Indian  Congress    Party  from suburbs of Delhi and bordering villages of Western Uttar  pradesh descended on eastern and central Delhi. Sultanpuri, Mangolpuri, Trilokpuri, and other Trans-Yamuna areas of Delhi ,  many cities in utter  pradesh, Bihar,  were the worst affected. The hooligans carried iron rods, knives, clubs, and combustible material, including kerosene. They used voters' lists to identify houses and business establishments owned by Sikhs. The mobsters swarmed into Sikh neighborhoods, arbitrarily killing any Sikh men they could find. Their shops and houses were ransacked and burned. In other incidents, armed mobs stopped buses and trains, in and around Delhi, pulling out Sikh passengers to be lynched or doused with kerosene and burnt.

Many historians have noted that these events should not be called riots, but be described as one sided pogrom or a crime against humanity. The Congress party still has it's secular claims questioned due to the incidences of 1984.

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